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Dedicated server hosting plans

The most effectual of all website hosting alternatives, the dedicated servers provided by 212 Hosting Professional supply different web page hosting CP options: (a) Hepsia (with the Debian Linux OS only; free of charge; unmetered hosted TLDs; a single web hosting account login; no root access; our recommendation number 1 thanks to the availability of the avant-garde Domain Manager – not incorporated by default in any other website hosting CP in the entire market); (b) DirectAdmin (as a gift); (c) cPanel (a monthly fee included). Both DirectAdmin and cPanel endorse CentOS only; unlimited hosted TLDs; demand an additional login for domain name, invoice transaction and support ticket administration activities; full root-level access. All dedicated servers are available exclusively in the US server farm facility.

Hosting Details Atom 2c Atom 4c Atom 8c
Monthly Fee
Data Storage 2x 240 GB 240 GB 480 GB
Data Bandwidth 10 TB 10 TB 10 TB
Server CPU Intel Atom D525 1.8 GHz (2 cores) Intel Atom C2550 2.40 GHz (4 Cores) Intel Atom C2750 2.40 GHz (8 Cores)
Dedicated RAM 4 GB 8 GB 8 GB
Dedicated IPs 1 1 1
Control Panel 1
Domains Hosted 2
Operating System (OS) 3 CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian
Root Access 4
Secure Shell (SSH) Access
Service Uninterruptedness

Control Panel 1 - The Hepsia hosting CP is a regular tool only in combination with the Debian Linux OS and is delivered free of charge. With Hepsia you can host unlimited web page names in a single user account. This is achievable thanks to Hepsia's powerful Domain Manager platform. The other web hosting Control Panel interfaces, i.e. cPanel and DirectAdmin, are obtainable only in combination with CentOS. In contrast with Hepsia, with them you have to use 2 different logins. This is so, because cPanel and DirectAdmin do not provide any domain name registration/transfer/administration services. If you opt for Ubuntu as an Operating System for your dedicated server, there will be no hosting CP option.

Domains Hosted 2 - unmetered domains can be hosted with all offered Control Panel interfaces, but only with Hepsia you can register/transfer/manage your website names under a single hosting user account. Unfortunately, the cPanel/DirectAdmin web hosting Control Panel devices do not present such possibility at all - there is no Domain Manager interface and as a result they require 2 autonomous hosting user accounts: one domain administration/billing/support account and one site administration user account (i.e. the actual cPanel/DirectAdmin web hosting Control Panel).

Operating System (OS) 3 - you will note that the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel sustains Debian Linux only. It's free of charge to install it on your dedicated hosting server. Hepsia is not offered with CentOS or Ubuntu. The cPanel and DirectAdmin Control Panel devices work solely with the CentOS OS. Neither of them is available with Debian or Ubuntu.

Root Access 4 - not offered only with the Hepsia hosting CP and offered in all other cases.